Born at the cross section of finance and technology, Capcade was built by serial entrepreneurs to facilitate easier transaction orchestration across asset classes and industries. Capcade makes Private Market transactions simple, seamless & compliant while reducing time, cost and friction. We enable businesses, institutions and governments of all sizes to buy, sell or invest into debt & equity globally. Our Solutions Suite supports the end-to-end lifecycle of a deal – from origination to post closing, compliance and reporting. With that, we are creating a network of vetted investors, capital seekers and service providers in a secure and transparent ecosystem. We believe great work happens when great people work together. That’s why we are always looking for our next great colleague. Improving communication in the workplace is impossible without first building a culture of transparency and accountability. Trust is an essential prerequisite for effective workplace communication, and there can be no trust without a feeling of authenticity, cooperation, and responsibility among our team and partners. We love getting our hands dirty and believe that anything worth doing is worth doing.


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