Vtool Smart Verification answers to the ever-increasing need for faster, more reliable ASIC and FPGA development cycles. Operating out of Israel, France, Serbia, Poland, and Greece, Vtool is both a verification EDA company that invented the innovative debug solution Cogita and an established ASIC design house that offers cutting-edge development services.
Vtool’s Cogita is a first-of-its-kind debug platform, applying visual analysis principles and machine learning algorithms to dramatically optimize simulation debugging. It has driven the success of several complex ASICs worldwide.

Vtool’s ASIC design, verification, and embedded services are central for securing optimized chip development processes, utilizing Cogita, and led by experts holding a proven track record. With more than 100 professionals, Vtool is rapidly growing around a core team of specialists that have been running together for over a decade, since 2007.

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Milutina Milankovića 1g, Beograd, 11070, Srbija

Čačak, Serbia
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+381 32 342 835

Niš, Serbia
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Science-Technology Park,
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Novi Sad, Serbia
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